Static strength calculation

  • Strength calculations of all categories of aircrafts
  • Thin-walled metal and composite structures including sandwiches
  • FEM calculations using linear and nonlinear solvers
  • Fatigue and F&DT calculations
  • Thermal calculations
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Weight optimisation

Aircraft design

  • Aerodynamic calculations (mainly aircraft load determination)
  • Flight mechanics and control laws
  • Conceptual airplane design  and visualization
  • Weight and strength optimization of the airplane
  • Consultancy in the field of aircraft production technology
  • Understanding of aviation regulations requirements

Project management

  • Project management in an international environment
  • Languages: English, German, Russian, Swedish
  • Direct contact with students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU and possibility of their internship in our office
  • Supervision of bachelor’s and master’s thesis

Other competencies

  • Software tools development (Python, VBA, Matlab) for speeding up routine analysis
  • Rapid prototyping on FDM 3D printer